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Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 Temperature Blanket!

So new year, new ideas, new projects and new blankets!! This year I am going to be doing a temperature blanket! For those who are unaware of what these are, it is a blanket with a row crocheted every day for a year, with the colour based on the temperature it was for that day.

I know, every day does seem ambitious for even the most keenest of hookers, and I really do have the best intentions so I will give it my best shot!!

First things first, and this is the fun bit for me, is working out a colour palette to use for each temperature change.
I decided to use my go-to yarn of Stylecraft Special DK. This is because I love it, it is a great yarn to work with....and I already have shed-loads of it (and always will I must say, sorry husband). Plus I have my little pegs to work with!

I am working in Celsius, from dark blue to dark red, changing colour after every three degrees. I will take the highest temperate for that day for the area I live in. The scheme I have decided on is follows and I have put the Stylecraft yarn colour name also...
There are some fantastic guides and suggested colour pallets on Pinterest.

I live in  Norfolk in the UK, so already I am guessing my blanket will be mainly greens and yellows, but hey, I like those colours!!

As for the pattern, there are also some fab ideas out there but I have decided I will stick to UK dc (US sc). I love working in dc, I love the look of the neat little stripes but I would never usually attempt a blanket in dc as it would take too long. This way as I am only doing a row each day, it shouldn't be too tedious. Plus you need to consider how big 365 rows are going to make your end blanket!!

So it is 1st January so I better get stuck in, wish me luck and I will keep you posted!!

Happy Hooking!

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