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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Scheepjes CAL 2017 Week 2 & 3 Progress!

Ok, I am sorry! I didn't post my week 2 progress last week because, well I hadn't finished! So I thought to myself, I will combine week 2 and 3, but guess what! I haven't finished week 3 either! Well to be fair to myself, I do have one of my CAL's finished in time, but because I was greedy and decided to do two shawls, this is where I am struggling! So anyway, as an unfinished week is still progress I thought I better post my update!

First of all, at the start of every week you have to double crochet 24 rows which is what you will be working on and oh my goodness there must be steam coming out of my hook as I just can't wait to get started on the decoration!

So Week 2 was where we did our first bit of surface crochet and our first bit of embroidery. I had done surface crochet before, but never really liked the finished peice. But.... I absolutely love my diamonds separator.

Once you get your head round where the corners for each dc 'square' are it flows lovely! I will admit I did have to frog my pastel one as I made it too tight. This is one of my issues, I crochet way too tight, and this has also meant my shawl is narrower than it is meant to be, but I will sort that when it comes to the edging (*crossed fingers*)!

Next onto the embroidery and we were given a lovely flower motif to cross stitch. I have done a lot of cross stitch in my time but hardly any on crochet and I can't believe I haven't fallen in love with this method before now. I find this part of the CAL extremely relaxing and 'hygge' and get totally lost in it. The only downside to cross stitch is it does take a long time, but it really is worth it to get the beautiful results.

Week 3 was more surface crochet and embroidery. This week it was hearts and I was really looking forward to them as this is the design that really pops out to me when I look at the finished image.

I can only show the Rainbow colourway as I haven't quite finished pastel! Almost there!

So here is the total progress so far...

Another thing I am enjoying about this CAL is seeing everyone else's progress via their Facebook page. Its nice to see all the different colourways everyone is coming up with. My sister in law has chosen her own colourway of icecream inspired colours and it looks so yummy

So all in all, still loving this CAL, although I have bitten off more than I can chew with making two at the same time. I think I may concentrate on getting one done every week and then work on the other in between!

Happy Hooking!
Kelly @ Lovedotty

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  1. I love this project! I have always had a hard time with crocheting designs, and this seems to be a cheat of sorts. I already have all my colors picked out. My goal is to have it ready for my husband's mother's birthday later this year. Do you have an email list? I would really love to keep in touch.

  2. Hi Lindsey, sorry it has taken me so long to reply! Glad to find someone else in love with the project too! I will post another update soon to show how I am getting on as I did lose my way a bit! My email is but I am also on Facebook lovedottycrochet, you can follow me there? x