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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Christmas Making

Its that busy time of year again, when all crafter's are desperately flitting between making gifts, decorations and stuff to sell. I thought I wouldn't bother with the latter this year, but then I stumbled upon crochet baubles and I am hooked! (excuse the pun)
I love them, it is so much fun planning the different colours and I think they look so Christmassy too.

The pattern is from the book 'Boho Crochet' by Marinke Slump and using my go-to cotton yarn of yummy Stylecraft Classique Cotton.

I have then topped them off with some gingham ribbon from my extensive collection!
Obviously this has meant I have got carried away and now have a surplus of baubles which is slowly taking over the house and far too many than I can fit on my own tree.

So I have listed some in my Etsy shop lovedotty if anyone fancies buying some. I think the husband is getting a bit worried he may drown under crochet makes one day, so you will be doing me a favour!
This has also meant that while I have got carried away making these, my long list of present makes is now seriously behind so I better get onto it.

Although, it really wouldn't be Christmas if I'm not up late on Christmas Eve frantically crocheting! I do like tradition!

Happy Hooking!
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