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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Granny Scrap Blanket

As I have mentioned before, one of my new years resolutions is to reduce my yarn stash as it is quite frankly ridiculous (see New Years Resolutions). It is also a resolution I can actually enjoy sticking too and have had fun planning projects so far. However the one downside is, it does link to another new years resolution which is not to buy anymore yarn until I have reduced the stash - that's not so fun!
Anyway, as mentioned before (see Operation Stash Bust), I have just completed the massive stash busting project which is a granny scrap blanket and here it is......
So for this, you crochet two strands of yarn together, randomly changing colour as the yarn runs out. I used DK and crocheted them with a 7.5mm hook. This also meant it hooked up really quickly and you didn't lose interest because of the constant colour changes.
The key is to be completely random in the changes, don't even think about it, its a lot more fun that way. To me looking at it now, it is perfect and I wouldn't change any of the colours, even if at the time I might have doubted their compatibility!
I actually think it looks rather stylish and wouldn't look out of place in some posh furnishing shop (or am I getting a bit carried away!)
So I highly recommend giving a scrap blanket a go to yarn bust! The beauty is it isn't bordered so I can keep adding to it as I go
For the moment, it is living in my kitchen, although I think it may make its way outside when the weather gets nice, would make a yummy picnic blanket

Happy hooking!
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