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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Seeing Flowers!

I was a little spoilt for my recent birthday as I was given the Scheepjes Studio Pack, and in this is a box which contains all 109 different colours of Scheepjes Catona, in their little cutie pie 10g balls!

Amazingly this was gift was from my husband! Yes, the man who constantly tells me I have enough yarn, who fears his fate is succumbing under a mountain of the stuff when he opens the cupboard door. In addition to his yarn fears, he also glazes over whenever I am talking about yarn (which is quite a lot), so it really was a wonderful surprise!

Obviously yes I had been heavily hinting and leaving magazine pages open etc.. but hints don't really work with him, this is the man, who every year asks me on Christmas Eve what I want for the big day!

So anyway, yes he scored major brownie points and I was one happy bunny as you can see from this photo.

I even had to take a picture of my son with them for extra cuteness! And yes, I actually let him hold them, although he had to wash his hands first..

So then the big question is, do I just leave the cutie pie yarn balls as they are and admire them or do we use them to make something!
For a couple of weeks or so, I chose the first, thinking I couldn't bear to 'spoil' them and wanted to be able to look at them whenever I needed cheering up. But on the other hand I was desperate to use them.
I love Scheepjes Catona anyway, it is one of my favourite yarns to work. I recently finished the Sophie's Universe Stool Cover which was designed by the fab Dedri Uys of Lookatwhatimade

The stool is a all made in Scheepjes Catona and a thoroughly enjoyable project. The kit to make this was also a present, this time for Christmas from my parents! I have been very lucky!

So yes in the end, the urge to try all these little colours and make something was greater than keeping them, and I also wanted to get a good feel for all the colours and see what would be my favourites for future projects.
So what shall I make, I thought? Well I love Catona and I love flowers, so decided I would make 109 flowers out of each colour of Catona!
I used my mini flower pattern (available on my blog) and a 3mm hook and set to work. The pattern on my blog advises a 4.5mm hook, but these were hooked with Stylecraft Classique Cotton which is a DK weight. The Catona's are a 4ply, so a bit more delicate.

And ta-dah...

I decided each 109 different coloured flower would have a different colour middle, so it was quite a production line in the end making sure each colour was only used once.

And of course my Studio Pack came in handy... I could use the swatches and magnetic board to keep track of which colours I had used so far..

And the best bit? You don't actually use much of the Catona so they still sit in their little jackets looking yummy so I have the best of both worlds.

And the flowers? Well I played with them for a while...

...and then decided to make some wall art with them!

I had a wall I needed cheering up, so I bought a canvas which the husband painted blue, he is proving quite useful lately! And then the plan is to attach the flowers to it I some sort of pattern. Keep it simple to really show the colours off

Next bit was having a play and deciding how I was going to position them. I decided to very roughly colour group them an then arrange them in a pattern.

I eventually decided on a heart design, well, because I ♥ Catona!

To attach them to the canvas I was going to use a hot glue gun. Now I have a little phobia of glue guns, they scare me a little, not great for a serial crafter! So with the husband on hand for any glue type emergency I set to work. Of course I survived the experience and ended up with a lovely heart of flowers, and here it is....

Don't they look lovely!

Its strange as looking at it. doesn't feel like there are 109 flowers, but there deifnately are, my four year old counted them for me!!

So not only do I have a lovely piece of wall art, I also have my very own personalised colour card for when choosing my future Catona projects!

And I still have a box of 109 cutie pies to admire. I will plan another project at some point to use them, but I think I will enjoy these little bundles of joy for a little bit longer!

Happy hooking

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