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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Some of my inspirations!

I adore colour and since I am a rubbish artist this is probably why I love crochet as I can indulge this love into my form of artwork. I would have to say I find the majority of my colour inspiration from flowers. I adore flowers, I am always buying myself bunches for the house (note to husband!). They can have the most amazing colour combinations and just seeing them makes me want to hook some crochet. Most recently I have made these flower coasters which I wanted to make in the colour combinations of my favourite flowers.

From the top in this picture we have marigold, forget me not, daisy, aster, poppy, sweet pea and pansy. I will probably start making some more once the spring and then summer flowers are all in force, I might not be able to stop!


These coasters were hooked using Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK an are really quick and easy to make, Being cotton too makes them washable which is perfect for the inevitable tea stains! I have shared the pattern for free here on my blog, if anyone fancies hooking them maybe you could try you own colour combinations and share them with me on my facebook page
Happy hooking!

Pattern - Flower Coasters

Hook - 3.5mm
Yarn - Cotton DK Weight (I used Stylecraft Cotton DK Classique)
Yarn A - Sunshine, Yarn B - Shell Pink, Yarn C - Wisteria

With yarn A make a magic ring and work first round into ring (alternatively you can make 2 chain and then work into the 2nd chain)
Round 1 - 3 ch (count as 1 tr throughout pattern), 14 tr, join with a sl st into third ch of first st (15 sts)
Round 2 - 3 ch, 1 tr into same st (top of 3 ch of previous round), 2 tr in each st to end, join with a sl st in third ch of first st (30 sts)
Change to yarn B
Round 3 - 1 ch (do not count as a st), 1 dc in same place (top of 3 ch of previous round), *2 ch, skip 1 st, 1 dc in next st*, repeat from * to * 13 times, 2 ch, join with sl st into top of first dc (15 sts, 15 sps)
Change to yarn C
Round 4 - sl st into next 2 ch sp, 3 ch, 2 tr in same sp, *1 ch, 3 tr in next sp*, repeat from * to * 13 times, 1ch, sl st in 3rd ch of first st (45 sts, 15 sp)
Round 5 - sl st into top of next st (2nd tr of first 3 st cluster of previous round), 1 ch (do not count as a st), *1 dc, 5 tr into next 1 ch sp*, repeat from * to * 14 times, sl st into top of first dc (90 sts)
Fasten off and sew in ends

You can chose to block the finished coaster, however they should be fine without.

For this pattern I used the 'Aster' colour combination, please see my blog for other colour combinations or have fun finding your own!

© All images belong to Kelly of lovedotty unless otherwise stated. Please link to pictures, content or DIY's if used on your own website. Crochet patterns are written by Kelly of lovedotty unless otherwise stated, please link to original post if used on your own website. Feel free to sell the finished product that has been created from the pattern, if sold via a website, please link to lovedotty blogspot. However please do not publish patterns in full or as your own, unless agreed by Kelly.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

For Sale!

I am so excited to announce that my crochet pieces are now being sold in a shop in Norwich!
I have my very own little shelf in the Norwich Gift Emporium which, for anyone who would like to pop along is in Lower Goat Lane (next to Beaujangles).
I have always wanted to sell my pieces commercially but always something I held back from, after all it is pretty scary putting your designs out there. But then I thought 'what the heck' and I have already sold some stuff!
Items for sale will be my lovely coasters which I have documented on here before (designs by myself, using cotton DK yarn - pattern for the cupcake coasters still available for free here on my blog)

Next I whipped up some of these lovely daisy pin cushions (pattern by Nikki Trench, using cotton DK yarn)
As we have just had Easter, I also added these little egg cosies (pattern by Nikki Trench, using Stylecraft Special DK)
I also had these lovely strawberry necklaces on a long chain (pattern for strawberry by Maki Oomachi, using Sirdir Calico DK and design by lovedotty) which you will see in the main picture (didn't take a separate picture, doh!)

I probably haven't mentioned this but before lovedotty, I had spent 10 years making and selling jewellery at craft fairs under the guise Butterfly Blue! I did and do still love designing and making jewellery but there is so many jewellery makers out there it got harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.
I have never been one for simplicity so was always striving for something unique that I could say I have designed myself. This is why I love crochet so much, give me a hook, yarn and an idea and you can create something so unique and 'yours'.
Anyway there are still a few jewellery pieces in my collection that I had designed that I was so proud of and hadn't seen anywhere else and these were my picture rings, bangles an necklaces, so I have added these to my shelf always. Kinda looking forward now to digging my jewellery tools out to make some more!


I hope you wish me luck with this new venture!
Happy hooking
Kelly @ lovedotty