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Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Year Resolutions

So I don't normally make new year resolutions, well not ones I have any intention of sticking to, but this year I really want to be more organised, so I have done some which are crochet based only and thought I would share: -

1) Try something new
Last year I attempted Tunisian Crochet and to be honest I didn't find it as enjoyable as normal crochet but glad I had a go and added that string to my bow. So this year I want to do the same again. At the moment I am thinking either Broomstick Crochet or Hairpin Lace (I already have the loom) or 'what the heck' both of them!

2) Use up yarn scraps before investing in new
This is one resolution I make with great reluctance as I love nothing more than buying new yarn, even when I have absolutley no idea what to use it for I just think it looks pretty (sorry husband). However, my yarn stash is overflowing to the point where my husband is convinced he is going to come home one day and find me trapped under it. So now I need to plan some projects to use it up. I have already started making some hot water bottle covers

and some patches to sew togther for baby blankets

I have some more ideas up my sleeve too, just not enough hours in the day!

3) Do more craft fairs
This was a plan for 2015 but never happened but I did rent a shelf in a local shop so almost there. I have already booked up a fair at Easter time, so hopefully more to follow. They are great fun just to be a part of even if you don't sell much

4) Blog more
I will try to blog at least once a month, promise!

5) Publish more patterns
The one thing I love most about crochet is planning my own projects and publishing the pattern. The icing on that cake is just one person making it and getting joy from my idea so I am definitely going to try and do that more this year. I have loads bubbling around in my head and written on scraps of paper so must try and get them typed up

There we go, 5 is enough isn't it? Better get hooking then.....

...oh hang on, just one more......
No brainer!!

Happy hooking

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