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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Rainbow Baby Blanket & Hitting the 'Crochet Wall'

So as some of my lovely Facebook followers will know, I started a rainbow baby blanket journey probably about 3 months ago now. I got excited at the idea, bought the yarn, got more excited waiting for it to arrive, started it, excitement at exploding point and then......hit the crochet wall. My mind wandered, I was bored, I knew I had loads left to go and just was too impatient. So off I went and started several more projects instead (some of which are yet to be completed too!)

I am always a great advocate of finishing a project before starting the next one and only recently I was telling a crafty friend, who usually only does smaller projects, who was contemplating a throw to 'stick with it', 'don't give in, I know how impatient you are' and 'it will be worth it'. And there I was doing the exact same thing. It is not like I haven't experienced the long slog that goes into creating a crochet blanket, I have quite a lot in my back catalogue, but this is only a small baby one (he already has seven), which should usually not take very long, so I really don't know why I lost my flow. But I guess everyone hits that 'crochet wall' from time to time. Maybe because it had been a while since my last blanket (is a year a while?) or maybe it is because I am a mummy now so only have small windows of opportunity for hooking.

Whatever it was, I am past the worse hopefully! So here is the finished rainbow blanket for my little boy.

This was made with Stylecraft Special DK in Matador, Spice, Citron, Aspen, Turquiose and Plum. It has been made in beautiful star stitch which is one my favourites to crochet. I love the texture of the stitches and the neatness of the finished rows.

It was then edged in double crochet for 5 rows and using treble crochet and slip stitches created a fan effect for the final row.

My little boy is delighted with it, he likes to run his toy cars up the stripes and I am over the moon to have broke through the 'wall' and finished it!

So next, back to the other blanket I have started but not finished...... but maybe a few quick projects in between!

Happy Hooking!

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