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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Is it blanket time again?

Lately I have been itching to make another blanket, I haven't made one in ages, well I say ages, is a year ages? Last blanket I started when I was pregnant, I had already made my baby about 8 baby blankets and decided I wanted to do a giant family blanket that we could all snuggle under. So I had an idea of doing a massive multi-coloured hexagon blanket:-

This was a great stash buster and what I loved about the project was there was no thinking about colour combinations you just went with the flow and if you picked up colours that traditionally didn't look great together, so what! They eventually blended into one another to make one big colourful mess! I loved every minute of making this blanket and now I love every minute of cosying under it!
Pattern was from 'Crochet at Home' by Brett Bara.

Being pregnant was great for crocheting, I didn't need an excuse to 'just put my feet up', everyone insisted on it, and as every crochet-addict knows, you cannot sit down for long without picking up a hook, no wonder I managed to make this massive blanket plus so much baby stuff!

Anyway back to my musings, I have decided I miss having a blanket project on the go, so decided I will make a granny patch blanket (everyone seems to be getting into the granny patch vibe at the moment so didn't want to feel left out). The idea is the finished product will look all lovely and yummy adorning my sofa. Currently I have a very purply blanket on my sofa which I made about 10 years ago and feel it is time for a change! Don't worry the purple one will find a new home, it is good to rotate!

So next I needed some colour inspiration. I decided I would like about 8 or 9 colours with one of them to be used as a background colour. Considering the blanket is to be for my sofa, it was a no brainer that I would use these gorgeous cushions I bought a few months back for my palette:-

I decided to use my trusty 'go to yarn' of Stylecraft Special DK which also meant I got to play with my sample pegs for the first time and I finally decided on the following mix:-

Lime, Saffron, Gold, Apricot, Raspberry, Sage, Petrol, Mocha and Parchment. I love these colours and combined they have such a lovely vintage feel to them. 

I think they have been matched pretty well to the cushions. I must confess I decided I needed a second pair of eyes, so my mum did help with the colour picking!

Really excited about starting this blanket, Now I just need to wait till payday so I can buy the yarn! Will keep you posted with my progress.

Happy hooking,

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